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I would eliminate the "Submit Choice" column and use checkboxes instead of switches or buttons in the "Repurchase" column, with choice submission being its own separate action. Think of it like a real-life shopping trip: You add items one-by-one to your cart and check them off of your shopping list; when you've got everything, you go to the register and pay ...


Here are some improvements: Keep the toggle in the repurchase column (if that is the normal representation of a checkbox on the platform your app will be published on). Remove the submit choice column, and have a single button outside of the table. Give it a better caption than 'Submit choice' though - something like 'order ingredients' or 'repurchase ...


I think input text (from)+ slider + input text (to) better solution. In this case you can set your own range without checking few checkboxes. But if you want minimize request on server each time when customer change slider range then you can add button "ok" in this case user set range - press ok - and see the results. See example


The problem is also business rule-specific. In the following schematic, will all of the options (price, category, etc) have a default value when a user view them? If so, you could also show the default delivery time value and then use the same pattern as with all other filters to allow users to change the default delivery time in: The default time ...


I assume you use this screen for other filters (categories, price etc.) where it would be possible to select multiple options. If so, users will expect to be able to select multiple options here as well. To make it clear that this works differently, make it visually different. A solution would be to use a dropdown (with the delivery options) on the main ...


Nice question - a scenario we did discussed in the office a while ago. We later asked the question: Why is it relevant for the user to see all elements that are smaller than the selected ALSO selected? We solved it by a wording change: "Up to 3 weeks" - what you already did - is implying that "everything below and including 3 weeks", so you do not need to ...


It may be possible to use a dot • to suggest the radio-button-like function, rather than a check mark to suggest a check-box-like function. This was the Windows standard in the early days of GUI.

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