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A very good reason to put them on the right are for your users who are using screen readers. These users will hear the contents of the row and last the checkbox vs hearing a checkbox without knowing the content of the row. They then have to hear the content and backup to the checkbox if they need to select the row. For these users it is a much better ...


How about two symbols on each line of your tree. One for selecting and one for expanding to see children. You would have to render it manually, maybe as a table with Javascript methods on each image/button to show or hide rows, but once you worked out the basic functionality, it should be fairly easy to render dynamically from the backend.


You can do this, but be careful about appearance in a vacuum. It should be pretty safe for radio buttons as there will be several (or at least 2) in a group so the users can see that one choice looks more "selected" than the others. The trouble will come when there is only a single checkbox on a page or if there are several that are all selected. If they ...


We use something similar to that in some of our internal apps - especially those in which users have to make many selections. Taking out the check marks made the page "cleaner" and users like it. Now our sample size is small (around 30 users) and not representative of web users in general (they're finance professionals working extensively on internal apps ...

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