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If you expect to be limited to choices from two groups only, this lends itself nicely to a matrix or heat map visualization. This is especially true if all combinations of the items are in play. The heat map can be less useful when dealing with sparse groupings (like really sparse). In that case, you would probably have a cleaner visualization with ...


Light grey colors could work, the text could be "no data", "?", "NA", etc. If you want to make that part less relevant, you have to subtract contrast from the whole vertical space including the date text and taking in account that what you are adding should bend with everything else.


How about a toggle feature? That would give your users control over the data set that is most important to them. By removing a data series that is less important to them, it would give them a better way to hone in visually on the ones that matter most. Here is an interactive example for you to try: http://www.zingchart.com/playground/run/54b69c1664bcf You ...


I think this is debatable. In my experience, some screen reader users might benefit from having the units ("per week") in each table cell because it can be mentally taxing to cross-reference the data in a cell against information provided separately. It's better to have that extra verbosity for the avoidance of doubt, even if it is a little repetitive. That ...


There could be a kind of subway approach to the lines, by making the lines go along each other instead of overlapping:


A fast hack would be to highlight the line/team you click and render all others gray. I presume people want to see how one of the teams is doing, right? Do you have some data on how people use this graphs, what are they interested in?


A multi-line bar chart could work as long as there aren't more than 12 teams. It's really hard to distinguish between more than about 16 colors (true of any chart)


Consider selective highlighting when user hovers or clicks on items on the graph. NYT does a good job of this in their interactive data visualization. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/01/06/upshot/how-nonemployed-americans-spend-their-weekdays-men-vs-women.html?abt=0002&abg=1 In your case, seeing all the lines together is beneficial to allow ...


Interesting presentation. I'm really intrigued by this display. Just to make certain that I understand it. ASS SPORTIVE DE MONACO (Blue line on upper left of top chart) is undefeated and didn't play on day 8 and VOLLEY-BALL STADE LAURENTIN didn't win it's first game (or get its first point) until day 6 and hasn't won since. I'm not certain that this graph ...

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