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Here is a Google's Adsense heatmap. You're right, the lower left is comparatively less hot to place ads or promotions or banners than say top left or center. In your case, you don't want to place the banners on top right because it is annoying and will be in the way of accessing the main functionality. Hence, the benefits of moving it to the bottom left ...


There's quite a bit of research on cartography on the web, but most of it is not recent. The Commission on Maps and The Internet has published two books on the topic. While I haven't used the material personally, it might be of some use to you.


Great to see you are building a case for not doing this. From a User Experience perspective, here is some ammunition to help build your case: Norman Nielsen Group - The Most Hated Advertising Techniques: 95% of users (based on 605 respondents) said that their web experience was impacted "negatively" or "very negatively". I recommend reading the full ...


This talk by Adrian Westaway at IXDA 12 might be close to what you are looking for. The design company was asked to design a phone for seniors, but they ended up redesigning the out-of-box experience instead.


The key word here is Business to Business meaning that both the buyer and the seller does this in their profession. From the buyers view, having Case Studies at the web site builds credability which is even more important than prize. As a buyer you are responsible and accountable for your actions, and you need to verify that your choise in vendor is correct. ...


Testimonials and case studies are inherently very different things, in that one is very subjective or emotive, and the other (should be) more objective. That should be a big part of why you choose one over the other. Lets say that it is a website about a music festival. Hearing testimonials of what other people thought of it and how they had an awesome ...

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