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Some websites have a row of dots/blobs underneath the carousel, and when you are at the nth position in the carousel, the nth dot is highlighted with a different colour. However, according to Norman Nielsen Group's research, most users don't see most of the content in a carousel. Should I use a carousel? No.


One best practice that's easy to forget about is to support right-to-left. In right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew, the next arrow should be on the left, and the animation (if any) should be from right to left. If you're designing something that's going to be reused by others, please remember to add this option.


I think the best practice should be to have the items moving in the circular fashion so that both Next and Previous button are always visible and functional. Seeing disabled buttons is an annoying experience. Also at the initial load time there should be equal number of items LEFT of the current view and RIGHT of the current view. This creates a sense of ...


In my opinion the best practice depends on the modality. If you have inferiority-superiority (e.g. car upgrade in games) then the ends shall be blocked for good. If there is merely a difference in qualities (e.g. classes and races in games) then an open-ended solution is the best practice.


within carousel we can give images or textual stuff in order to draw user attention on part of view meanwhile as a UX developer route them from start to end of the carousel content by disabling caret(arrow mark) is best way let the users know that carousel slide is completed,so if not disabling that user try to access the carousel if they not able to get ...


I agree that carousel is not the best pattern in some cases, however when it is used ... What are the best practices and why? I've always been under an assumption that: If a carousel is endless (continues to scroll from last page to first) then you keep the buttons enabled ALWAYS. If there is no page / items to scroll to, then you still display the ...


Visible not prominent Within a given component, help users know what to expect by visualizing app state. IOW, keep the arrow visible but clearly inactive. This way users will know where to find it at a glance and will have visual confirmation that the carousel is at the beginning/end. There has to be a better term for this but, recognition over recall ...


I had similar problem before, a table of customer orders history. What I did was I convert it into cards, so there will one card for each order id. Let say you have 5 rows of customers, so the rows will be converted into 5 cards for mobile. There are several ways to tackle this, let say you need to display multiple images of team members with their profile ...


Beside carousel (which have lower conversion rate), you can also make your images as thumbnails and maximize them when user click on that.

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