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Visible not prominent Within a given component, help users know what to expect by visualizing app state. IOW, keep the arrow visible but clearly inactive. This way users will know where to find it at a glance and will have visual confirmation that the carousel is at the beginning/end. There has to be a better term for this but, recognition over recall ...


I agree that carousel is not the best pattern in some cases, however when it is used ... What are the best practices and why? I've always been under an assumption that: If a carousel is endless (continues to scroll from last page to first) then you keep the buttons enabled ALWAYS. If there is no page / items to scroll to, then you still display the ...


To save some space on scrolling I'd suggest using an even thumbnails grid if the images are of same size or a "magazine layout" (think Pinterest gridlike mobile layout) for images of varied length. Magazine layout allows some space to add image description/metadata, so you don't have to employ accordion for that. See image.


Follow the Facebook method. Assume if you have 20 photos to show and you have space of accommodating 5 photos then add '+15' on the the black overlay of the 5th photo thumbnail image. Refer the attached screenshot for more info


A carousel is a tried and trusted metaphor which has been around for a long time, and you can carousel through all 30 thumbnails if you want. Users will be familiar with this metaphor. The Facebook example shown by @Grafix Guru is not a carousel (clicking takes you to another page where the images are stacked vertically in a scrollable page), however the ...


It has to be either Option 1 or Option 2. Which one depends on what it is that the user sees when tapping on 'previous' or 'next'. If they see another product, then it's Option 1. If the see another category, then it's Option 2. Anything else would create confusion for the user.


In my opinion the best practice depends on the modality. If you have inferiority-superiority (e.g. car upgrade in games) then the ends shall be blocked for good. If there is merely a difference in qualities (e.g. classes and races in games) then an open-ended solution is the best practice.


Ask Yourself What is the primary purpose of the page your user is currently on? What are they trying to accomplish while they are there? Size often dictates importance/relevance, and the "Do you know?" is taking up a large chunk of real estate. Other popular social sites don't clutter their "edit/update" profile UI with CTAs to other functionality. ...

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