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I don't think most websites are trending away from accordions towards carousels. Sites are trending away from carousels, and they are also trending away from accordions (if I were to speculate, perhaps at a slower rate). Disadvantages You asked specifically for potential disadvantages of using accordions instead of carousels, so: If you need to present ...


Assuming the number is greater than what you can show at a given time i would favor infinite or a looping pattern. However I would make sure to give them some contextual clue of the state of the system. Let them know that they are going to loop back around to the begining. I dislike carousels where I think haven't I seen that before and realized it was ...


User need to know how many box he has. You can implement something as infinite but with the number of box displayed under the carousel pictures. (or somewhere else) The infinite approach will stay disruptive and if you have a certain amount of box, display them like they are : limited.

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