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I feel answer 2 is the best option but it needs some minor tweaks. With error message include the info on how and when can reschedule the appointment. So that user feel comfortable with the flow of changing appointment.


So if it's the business rule it's obvious to follow, but considering the JOURNEY OF USER here is what you can do: First approach - Show them the link of changing appointment, cause I believe we are giving them the flexibility with this feature. Reaction of user - The user has viewed the link, he is educated and is satisfied to know the same, so far. ...


As a general principle, I always think of error messages as inferior design/ UI, which in most cases can and should be avoided. If the user interaction triggers an error message, why would the UI allow users the option in the first place? Examples: error message "password is not good enough" -> better: live indicator to signal password strength error ...


The most appropriate way in my opinion should be, disable the reschedule button and an informative message already written next or below the reschedule button telling user that the appointment cannot be rescheduled since the time left in their appointment is less than 24 hours, or whatever the condition applies.

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