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You're on the right track! It's good as is, but you can make it better. About the language: check out this article on writing. It is a great idea to keep writing/language simple... And remember to ask others' opinion on the writing to see how it comes off to them. You are doing both: The language is clear/direct AND you're asking for feedback, so good job....


As far as the buttons are concerned, I would suggest something like the attachment. I am not aware of the complete scenario though.


You're better off swapping this around and instead using a label which describes which context you're currently in. Think about how social networks cover multiple profiles.


I would 100% argue that these pop up modal windows take away from the user experience - I don't think there is much doubt about that. You mentioned that they destroy the flow of reading the content and I think that any user would disagree. The reason they are used, is because they likely are successful. I guess it's going to come down to what's more ...

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