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If your goal is to increase the clicks for "Link4" you could do two things: Contrast the "Link4" button against the others by making the background color different - for example orange or green provide good affordances. Move "Link4" to the leftmost or rightmost position. People can easily spot the first and last option in a list. In this case visual search ...


There are several reasons to not add a tooltip that says 'Click...': It adds no reason for the user to take an action. It provides no context. They can click anywhere on the screen at any time. Why should the be interested in clicking that particular link? What is special about it? It's non-standard approach for prompting a user to take an action on a ...


The call to action doesn't have to be directly under the link. Consider another option, to include a banner on top of the menu that links to the same page as link 4. Doesn't block the sub navi links.


I think a red (or another strong color) circle before or after the link label would be sufficient to draw attention, but since the stakeholders thought of text bubbles, they might want something more appealing to the user. In this case, I'd use a corner ribbon with a strong color and contrast between the background and the text color, or animate the button ...

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