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You should definitely keep the latest selection. Once users get to know the application they will know exactly which report they are going to build. So even if they have to choose the date before the report type they will probably be choosing the dates for the soon to be selected report. Now, there are many reasons the user might want to open the control ...


I would recommend having the selection be preserved. As you have some predefined durations available in form of button, I assume that the user opens the date picker when the duration is very specific. In that case, the user might want his configurations to be intact, irrespective of number of interactions with the control on the form. If you revert to ...


I would prefer this UI: A 'remove' icon in the Input control appears when the user selects a date. He can simple click on the icon to remove any selected date.


That space between the "Now" and the "Done" button is screaming out to me for a "clear date" (or other appropriate legend) button.


Click it again. When I select something, then realise it was optional and decide that actually, I'd rather not provide it, the most natural thing to try is to press again on the selected item. This echoes the familiar check box, as well as a physical push button.


Sort of a variant on skwokz suggestion, I've dealt with customizing that widget and my solution is to go around it. My preferred UI here has, above or below the date input: the original (if updating a record) value, which if clicked will reset the widget an "x" button that if clicked will blank out the widget Listing the original date allows the user ...


The general practice to "undo" a new selection and revert back to the the previous selection is to add a cancel button although it might be somewhat awkward to fit it in here. I think the "x" would work fine however it just need to be placed visibly. Alternatively you can have a "Reset" button that when pressed, reselects the saved selection. The user ...

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