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I have decided to divide the navigation into two screens. The first one holds general information while the second displays the timesheet across the weeks of the month in which the projects are displayed as lists. Here is a screenshot of a timesheet example on web and on a mobile version. Sorry for labels are written in french.


Trying to transform a non responsive design into a mobile design is likely not work out very well. I would like to suggest you to redesign the entire project from scratch, as trying to design backwards will entice you to make a shrunken version of your current design which will probably not work on a mobile platforms.


You should experiment with various options and try which is the most intuitive to your users - you will likely need a Settings menu anyway so users will be able to choose 1st day of the week and so on... default status for the dates could be undecided, default action of 1 click could be to make the day available, 2nd click would toggle it to unavailable ...


Not an easy question. 1. You can't let people click 5 years' worth of days. That will take ages. 2. Off the top of my head, a nice way to lower the amount of clicking: Perface the date picker with some thing like this download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups This will at least ensure the user doesn't have to click ...


Start off with a calender, and keep it clean, using very minimal colors (white reccomended), and when the user wants to set availability, just let them click on the date, and bring up a split menu, with the right half showing a green button saying 'available', and the left being red and saying 'unavailable'. Good luck!


Who is looking at this calendar? I assume the employee, his supervisors and perhaps HR. Although chances are you'll be providing a different view for the supervisor/HR use case. It would make sense if the color code continues through all use cases. I put yellow as vacation in the one I created and there was space to write "Labor Day", etc... for Federal ...

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