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It seems the answers provided are from users who don't see the value or understand the concept of a homepage and are therefore biased against the concept. The purpose of a home button, of course, is nothing more than to display a homepage with a single click or tap. If your home page is google.com then it's not of much value. If, like me, you have a ...


Almost all user interfaces require some very basic computer literacy. Someone that has not worked on a computer before, will have some difficulty at the beginning. You can help these people to learn more easily by introducing redundant elements to your design, for example to answer your questions : You could add a help text in the text box “Click here and ...


Here is an application that emulates slow connection: it limits the bandwidth to test sites as if they were seen on dial-up or adsl: Sloppy.


One simple thing you can do is run Fiddler and go to Rules > Performance > Simulate Modem Speeds. Another option if your site is public is to use webpagetest.org and change the connection speed under advanced options before you run your test.


Above is an example of good and reasonable UX on detection of a browser version that may experience problems. It briefly describes the errant behavior, thus heading off a lot of requests for help. It basically says, "if you continue, you're on your own." I continued BTW without difficulty. But had there been, I wouldn't have bothered to request help. I ...

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