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When I first started to reply to your question, I felt like I was pretty firmly in the paging camp, but as I researched and thought about your question more, I think I've landed in the scrolling camp. Pro-Paging: Level of Control I found an article that compares the "fine grained control" of scrolling, vs letting the user read the story. It talks about ...


Where corresponding users start to read and where their sights are landing on the page intuitively to start processing the page. For LTR users that would be left, for RTL users that would be right.


For putting Hebrew on the right: 1: Things are clearer. There will be more spaces between the English and the Hebrew. With very dense sentences this could quickly become very messy. 2: It seems the more natural. Text traditionally starts on the left/right of a page. This means little in websites however where it is very rare for text to be totally tight to ...

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