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You could have a look at how Gmail deals with labels. They work like tags and folders at the same time: you can create a label and nest it into another label if you like + you can apply as many labels as you want to an email.


Step 1: Focus on the Mental Model, Not on the Design Pattern Who is your target user? What do they want to do? (You need to find this out.) Let's assume, for now, it's that they want to save their bookmarks to some sort of list, or lists. Your first challenge will be to make it super easy to add bookmarks to a list, or lists, and retrieve those lists ...


You should have a look at how popular browsers implement organization of bookmarks. I mostly use firefox and I really like how I can organize virtually masses of bookmarks into hierarchical folder structures. Additionally firefox lets you tag every bookmark for additional non-hierarchical cross-folder organizing. This plus a text field 'details / notes' and ...

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