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Find below some suggestions you may try : Use horizontal axis for time, much easier to read. Use grey font for hours. They are the less important information on the screen. Use less saturated colors for rooms. Saturated colors create more clutter. Do not repeat the hours in the room bars. They are not necessary. Display continuous bars. If two sessions in ...


Instead of viewing the week in the columns, you could show the conference rooms in the columns. Then you can move the day of the week as a dropdown. I would think that most people are trying to schedule a meeting for a particular day and they can select the day, then see which times have room openings. That would de-clutter your chart.


If it was a smaller page designed for the booking process rather than a big electronic board I'd recommend just displaying one day at a time, with a dropdown to swap between them. But since this is designed to give an overview, my recommendation would be something like this: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups The ...

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