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IMO, a wizard flow should bring up a new modal task. The task can either be completed or canceled. The "tab bar" at the bottom is a distraction for the task of booking, and should be removed. download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups


Ecommerce websites use stocking information like 'only 5 left' to coerce visitors into buying the item. Visitors will be afraid they'll lose the deal if they go in search of a cheaper alternative. It's what we call a dark ux pattern. In case of booking.com I think there are two reasons for adding it. It coerces visitors into booking, because it makes ...


Personally I like the app-wide tab bar at the bottom, so here's how I'd changes things while keeping it always visible. First, when starting a booking operation, I'd dim the bottom row entirely and then highlight booking slightly. This provides a little extra feedback that they're in the process of booking, while also letting the user know that the other ...


My simple advice would be to move or even remove the cancel button. In it's current state the user will click cancel instead of previous in some cases and one cannot rely on colour differences to help solve this. You could put the cancel link in a consitent place on all screens and make this consistent with other application canel operations. You could ...

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