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You should try to reject possible invalid entries before they get stored to your backend. For the simple reason that no additional controls are required and you can do this completely without any additional user interaction. And as you're saying that it would solve 99% this way and it's a monkeypatch after all, this has to be your first step. If the ...


We are confronted with the same issue here at work. We implement a new responsive design to our SaaS and use Select2 for select boxes. We will change the behavior that way that when entering a select on an XS view (Bootstrap), the select will take the whole available screen. I expect that on a tiny interface, no user actually cares about what is going on ...


Decreasing the height of auto suggest and applying scroll may help. It would be more user friendly if you show number of results found somewhere on right side of auto suggest, this may help user to decide scroll it or not.


I second your initial thought. Use the arrows. As for your concern over "moving the carrot in the text field" you can use Javascript to actively shift the focus to the multi-column navigation once it senses the down key. The user can click back on the field in order to regain the use of the arrows on the field. Just my 2 cents. :)

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