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Autocomplete and suggestion features serve different, though similar, purposes. Autocomplete Autocomplete is there to make it faster for you to complete your search. If you for example want to search for "wikipedia puppies", and start typing, you will get an intermediate stage of: You can see that the autocomplete has provided me the option of ...


To make "Autocorrect" work, there are several key components play here. The prediction algorithms, obviously. The dictionaries being used The perceived necessity vs. "feature-pushing" Why iPhone users "suffer" more ? Mr. Vitaly's answer is quite enlightening. I just want to add my 2-cents. The prediction algorithms: Of course, they are different for ...


I advise keeping autocomplete unless you/your users would be concerned about it for security reasons. In general, autocomplete is convenient for users so they don't need to waste time typing their info (especially on mobile).


Is there any specific reason to disable autocomplete? if not, disabling that would add a 'little' dislike to your site. Username should be enabled for autocompletion, Which is more true for mobile browsing, where typing is still quite challenging except the young users. Consider the major age category of your users. If that's over 25, typing on mobile ...

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