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How about two radio buttons with the default being "current store"? [o] Search current store (188) [ ] Search a different store [___] And when searching the current store yields no results, you could flip the radio button to the second option and display a message: No results found in current store. Would you like to try a different store? [ ] ...


One design standard to keep in mind is that applications should communicate with the user in the language that the user understands, not in the language used directly by CRUD operations. In this example, store ID 188 means nothing to a user, but the system knows exactly what that means. I would suggest a prompt similar to what @PixelSnader explained, except ...


You can sidestep the issue in this case by leaving the number blank, and adding text to the right or under it saying 'if left blank we will search store 188'.


Could you have a url that populates the database? Something like If so I would use a qr code. Most users have them, they dont have to input anything and you can send them directly to some congratulations page without the middle step. Btw, very interesting question. :)


I'd like to provide an option C: have things pre-populated / autofilled, with no additional button, and when users want to edit / correct the autofilled content, they simply click into the text field to update it. No having the additional button simplifies your UI, and users still can get the convenience of not typing again if it's already correct, or ...


Option B Empowers the User, Option A makes work for them Summing up the positives and negatives: Option A offers either the positive experience of seeing a correctly auto-filled form, or the negative experience of seeing something that is incorrect and having to undo it to redo it correctly. Option B offers either the neutral experience of simply filling ...

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