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Site Maps will speak to what is where--even to functionality and purpose. IA will convince your project manager to spend $X on Y. I can't say how others tend to view/do it, but in practical terms, here's an example I dealt with recently. Shopping cart project with 'related items''s easy enough to stick them in a design and attach them as logical ...


Information Architecture is a huge subject (so much so there is a very large but excellent book written by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville on the subject - Information Architecture for the World Wide Web 3rd Edition). A site map is a simple output of all of the AI work, and is consumable by the end user.


1ST ANSWER: I normally don't really care about the terminology used to describe the assets that are created using a UCD process, but I do care about the quality and accuracy of the information it captures. So to me I think your description of the two types of information captured is pretty close to the mark, but I couldn't tell you if that's the exact ...

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