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Two address lines are necessary. A common use for the second line is to bring attention to a specific location or sub-address within a large business park or manufacturing facility. It is also commonly used when shipping internationally when the addresss is very lengthy. Example #1 (Attention to location inside shipyard): Block X, Office Number 0-12, 2nd ...


Keep it for business addresses In business contexts it is often used for 'Attn:' lines or department names. In large metro areas, it is also commonly used for building ID, eg 'West Tower'. You could mask it until business address is checked. Unfortunately, people don't always catch that requirement. In the end, you have to ask yourself what's more likely ...


It's mandatory for ecommerce (more details needed for delivering goods) but you can skip it for a lot of other subscription as you may only want demographical infos on your DB.


YES You're point out that there is a surplus of criticism and a scarcity of alternatives to the hamburger menu. Background Hamburger menus have been criticized because: They hide links and content from the user instead of presenting the user with direct options. The hamburger icon is placed at the top of the screen where users tend to ignore it. ...

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