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No, but yes. It won't become a useful pattern, but it can be an enjoyable pattern. Like you said, it's about exploration and surprises. If you've ever heard about the term 'easter egg' in relation to videogames (or other media) you know what this means. It's not the main goal, but it's fun for those who want to spend some extra time. But as for ...


No. These two things are similar but incompatible and comparing them isn't going to work. A game aims to challenge the player, to make things just hard enough that they feel rewarded when they overcome the obstacles, but not so frustrating that they give up. The player interacts with the game because they want to and because they enjoy the challenge or ...


I don't believe there is a specific design pattern for your exact example. But you want to combine a Tunnel with the Wizard. You might also consider the Good Defaults pattern if you feel there is need to influence the decision of the user.

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