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The Settings should be in the header. Look at the Google Material design structure as a reference. A 3-dot menu doesn't take up too much space.


First off, I prefer calling it a 'navicon', helps me to avoid hunger issues during working hours. Secondly, not all of your points are actually about the hamburger icon (3 & 4). The other ones are more about the navigation drawer in general. Anyways, let's commence.. People tend to show a lot of options with them. A lot of options isn't going to be ...


That pattern is a good start, both accessing a hymn by number or via a few words from its title or any of its verses. I would also suggest that include a "favorites list" and maybe something to facilitate pre-service preparation. By that, I mean that prior to a service beginning, a user could enter all of the hymns for the up coming service, then operate ...

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