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Nobody installs an app because they want to read the privacy policy. Your users have goals. Help them accomplish their goals. Don't get in their way. Instead, provide a link in an unobtrusive location. If you try to force users to stop their productive train of thought in order to read your legal text, they’ll either find a way to close it without reading, ...


TL;DR Disregard the popup dialog. Put this somewhere in user sign-up/registration. Just to elaborate on the idea of popping up dialog may obstruct your user's goal. This is true. And you can handle this in two steps. You can make something like this in your "Terms & Condition": By using this app, user agrees to all of the following: blablabla ...


If you're designing a system for a commercial organisation, it is likely that you will have to include a way to ensure the user accepts the terms & conditions, privacy policy, and maybe other legal stuff as well. Depending on the director / legal advisor / whoever signs it off, the interpretation of how this should be displayed is going to differ, and ...


In android there's always the long-press gesture, the swipe in android is mostly used as a direct delete function. Perhaps you should read the guidelines for each platform first as this will explain the expected behaviour a user would have on said platform :-)

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