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Let's start with why.... Your content is center-aligned today. So as users navigate down the page, they expect the next piece of content to be center-aligned. Today you have a big green, center-aligned button. It's not getting noticed enough. Why isn't it being noticed? Hard to tell exactly without looking at the exact content, but it's likely that: The ...


According to Fitt's law: the time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the ratio between the distance to the target and the width of the target. You can also consider the Gutenberg's Diagram, but according to research study by Nielsen, this terminal zone concept isn't really that useful, although in my personal experience it works ...


Best practice You'll find a lot of info out there about CTA tests and theories. But you're not going to find a whole lot that tells you what to do with horizontal alignment. The reason is, it depends on your design. The norm If your colleagues want to talk about what is more common, then you should align right, as you suggest. This is used more often than ...


What will the CTA be doing? Depending on what pressing the button will do will likely lead to a different placement. Such as, if it's leading to another page it can be meaningful to place on the right for a desktop design as most desktop OSs use next/ok buttons on the bottom right. One could argue a neutral centre position can work in most cases.


any number that is numeric in nature and a computation is done on it (like a total) then it should ALWAYS be right aligned ALONG WITH its heading. So other numeric number that are just numbers like units, some procedure code, date, etc should be left aligned ALONG WITH its heading.

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