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If the form is read-only: It is always best to recommended to right align the labels and left align the values of the variables. Do make sure there is at least 3   between the labels and the values for better readability. If the form is write: Same positioning, however, indicate required fields by placing a star before the labels. Make sure ...


If you plan to have content to the left of the form or right of the form, then either one works. If you do not have any content on the page other than the form, it is best centered.


Your screenshot is the best answer. Emphasize structure: About | Credits is horizontally aligned by the | Emphasize content: Report a Bug * Website is horizontally aligned by entire row


The entire row should be horizontally aligned, as shown. The overall look and feel is better that way.


I would agree with most of the responses, that filling in the stars from left to right makes the most sense due to learned user behaviour from the majority of websites, and English being LTR. A user clicking a star for a rating could definitely be confused by unexpected behaviour. However, it was stated that this will not be a user-interactive piece. ...


I don't think in reading them it would matter as much for a LTR language, but when someone is clicking a star for the rating I think they would incorrectly assume that they start on the left. In my experience I have never seen a star rating system start on the right and if I were to click the right most star I would expect to be giving it the top rating. ...


Same direction as your text. Star ratings are most easily read when the significant part (filled stars) comes before the filler (unfilled stars). "Before" can mean left or right, depending on the direction your user reads lines of text. Unless your site is in Hebrew, Arabic or another RTL language, the stars should be LTR.


Suppose you make some text right-aligned, as @EvilClosetMonkey's graphic helpfully shows. Is that any reason to change the text to display right-to-left? It would probably make your words unreadable to most people viewing them. The reason is that alignment has to do with design, layout and negative space while direction has to do with readability. Text can ...


I would say (little or no real experience here, mind you) that western cultures that read left-to-right will always expect increasing amounts to go the same way (like a dial speedometer). I have always made slider controls increase to the right without thinking about it... I would be curious to see how Hebrew or other cultures that read right-to-left ...


Netflix uses filled stars from the left even though the ratings are right aligned. This follows the ability to quickly scan down the list of ratings and quickly assess at a glance which film is higher rated. Same goes with Paragraph alignment, as per Evil Closet Monkey's answer.


If you are looking for the most easily recognizable use of a 5-star system, they should work from left-to-right. The star-rating system is very common now, and when is the last time you say it work right-to-left? Users will likely find it confusing and will have difficultly understanding why they only gave something 2-stars, when the meant to give it ...


I have never seen a star rating fill from right-to-left. I think the star group is more or less seen as one element. I would not stray from the standard left-to-right filling of the stars.


I don't think that any of the options are very pleasing to the eye. I would take Option B since it's the closest, but I would change your columns widths to all be of equal width. Doing that would result in the following: As you can see, it's much more pleasing to the eye. You have equal widths on the columns which centers things horizontally and in ...


You should be mindful of gestalt principals when grouping or aligning controls. Gestalt principal of perception states that when looking at a complex visual image, our minds see coherent, whole forms, rather than individually perceiving all of the smaller elements in the image. For grouping controls, alignment will of course make a form more pleasing to ...

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