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While I agree that default for numeric should be right-aligned, I think there are some rare cases where left-alignment makes more sense. One example would be Bank Routing Numbers. The following thoughts together made may think they should be left-aligned: They are always 9 digits in length so there is no issue with trying to line up tens, ones columns. ...


by importance of the action. by how destructive the action could be. by frequency of use. All of these suggest that the most-important, most-used and least destructive option be listed closest to the content. I'd suggest using a left to right on this menu as users are more often going to be editing something I'd say than removing it or cloning it to a ...


Although I do not have an example of your layout, I would personally choose top aligned in this case. This will probably give the most visual order and harmony, especially since your paragraph block text is also left aligned (meaning you already have an unconsistent visual area on the right). Compare:

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