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Your first image feels like a gallery: each icon has a label (and it's not clear that images are clickable) You could simply try to move the labels inside the buttons (even with you first set of icons, it should be enough). This way, it should feel more like a button. After re-reading, it appears to belong to @Dom propositions


I think the context of the menu goes a long way to imply that multiple items can be selected. I recently used jQuery MultipleSelect and it works great. The search feature was a plus for us as well, but it offers many different configuration options. As multiple items are selected, it replaces, then appends to the drop down text. Simple and easy, and no ...


As stated earlier, I think the title of your question is incorrect. Most citations referring to knobs offering an affordance of rotation are typically referring to knobs other than the ones on doors. Such as the ones on a radio tuner...which tend to have a lot more physical (and visual) cues as to how to interact with it (knurled 'grippy' edge, a tick mark ...


“Affordance” is one of those terms that has come to be used for so many different things that I’ve recently just about given up using it in order to avoid confusion. Affordance as possible physical interactions In the original definition put forth by Donald Norman (1988) in The Design of Everyday Things: The term affordance refers to the perceived ...

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