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If there's 5-7 rows of ads your wireframe should reflect that. As you'll see - what you have is an advertising site. It's not really an interactive calendar at all. Facebook is about the limit of adverts that you can have on one page. The best you can do is use the width and put the ads to the side.


There may be 5-7 rows of ads. Thinking of the students, I think that's bad for usability Agreed. But let's step back even further. That's just bad usability for the advertisers. No one wants their ad hidden in a pile of 20+ other ads. Seeing that many ads will, in turn, cause 'banner blindness' and the user simply scroll past the entire lot. This ...


From Mobile App perspective, it seems like, Ads are used concisely to create two income streams. i.e two versions of the app are created, the free one is filled with ads and the paid one which ad free.


Already DasBeasto has put a good answer. I am just adding a couple of cents for the motive. The motive is clear, Money. But it not always that the sites are less popular or less used. There are certain sites which are sure of their audience. They are sure that the content they are offering has carved a niche place for them to take user for a ride. The ...


One thing to note about ads is, in general, they are worth more the bigger they are. A website can have a 200px x 200px in the sidebar and be less annoying or they can put a giant 600px x 600px ad popover on the screen and it will generate more money for the website. The second thing to consider is many ads generate revenue just on impressions, meaning the ...


You have said it in your question itself. Internet literate people use such kind of websites less. The primary motive of such websites will be money alone. Audience They don't expect much comeback rates for the particular app. Many of those sites are not designed by experts or not as a service. The primary motive is to make some quick money and the ...


Money. Publishers just want money. People who own websites and people who put ads on it are different people (and people who actually pay for ads are third). Advertising networks became very huge and pay a lot of money to "publishers". It is very tempting.

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