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Jenn Lukas wrote an article on A List Apart [April 9, 2014] showing how you can use Chrome's Accessibility Developer Tools to easily test color contrasting.


Technically, this isn't a UX question because you're asking about how to use a Tool not about the process or psychology, or study of accessibility testing. A basic Google search has revealed what you are likely looking for: http://www.freedomscientific.com/doccenter/archives/training/JAWSKeystrokes.htm Toggle Speech On or Off INSERT+SPACEBAR, S


Definitely avoid pairing red and green together on your website. It'll give low contrast between the two colors because color blind users will see them both as yellow. Why You Should Never Pair Green and Red Together on the Web


...to see if it is useful for our company to put some extra attention into our designs for those who are colourblind. It's not just colour-blind users who can't see certain colour combinations - actual blind people can't either, so you need to ensure data isn't represented purely visually. Webaim have some useful info on this topic that covers off the ...


A little late to the party but I'm using a chrome extension called Spectrum


As Dan pointed out, consulting a lawyer is the best thing you can do as they would understand those details better and can highlight the nitty gritties you need to be aware of that. That said, this link should be a good starting point for you as there is a website component mentioned as per the highlights. To quote the article If a large organization ...


Most “blind” people can see a bit. Assuming that the sign is large and has a contrasting colour to the door, then a lot of blind people will at least be able to “see” that there is something on the door. Once a blind person has learned their way round a building they know where to expect the signs to be, so for example if someone is trying to find a room ...


I believe its because there are universally defined standards on where Braille letters have to positioned with regards to a informational item and braille users generally learn to look for them in one location. There are also classes conducted for people with visual disabilities which inform them where to look for the sign (the class is called Orientation ...


As near as I can tell from my sighted perspective, they feel around till they find what they are after. Look at some of the videos from Tommy Edison (the link goes to his ATM video). Basically, it appears to really suck to try to find the Braille in many situations. I suspect that if you could figure out a good way to fix this part of the problem, you'd ...


Well, i tend to use high contrast mode a lot of times. Although, i use it in "night". To me it's almost like "night mode". But the problem is that many a times the high contrast can't overrun bad design. Currently i use high contrast on windows 7 to limit ram usage bcoz of "dwm.exe". :D P.S. - I seem to believe that "Solarize" is the best effect to ...

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