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How should the sign-up page for a mobile website be? For example:-

  1. Does repeat password make more sense or less on mobile version of a website. To put it differently, are users more prone to make a typo while typing on a mobile? To me, it looks like there should be more possibility of a typo on mobile than on pc but then re-typing the password is also going to be more inconvenient on mobile. Related question but it doesn't talk about mobile version.

  2. Relevancy of captcha?

  3. T&Cs and/or Privacy Policy? (which is there on the full/desktop site)

  4. Also, anymore things which should be kept in mind while working on mobile sign-up page UI

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  1. What I have seen as a good practice is entering the password only once, but displaying it is text rather than masking it. This way you can see exactly what your entered and will not have to worry about errors.

  2. I don't think captcha is necessary here, not positive on that though. It would be one extra and potentially annoying step for mobile use though.

  3. Maybe a link to the T&C?

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most of what u suggested sounds good to me, but I'm not sure about the "not masking" part, what's others opinion? It does sound interesting and may be accepted by users happily, but are we going with a tradeoff with security? Just asking, I'm myself in favor of displaying it as plain text especially on a mobile device. –  Atul Goyal Jul 14 '11 at 13:05
If it's a concern it would be easy to add a privacy option next to the password entry so the security conscious, or those on a crowded train for example, can keep masking on. But then the question is, 'what's the default - on or off?' –  Roger Attrill Jul 14 '11 at 14:00
No evidence, but I get the feeling that an unmasked password input will feel insecure to people. Not that people will be looking over their shoulder insecure, but that the website will somehow steal and misuse their password insecure. –  ICR Jul 14 '11 at 15:11
Unless it's for a banking app or something similar there shouldn't be too much concern. –  Matt Rockwell Jul 14 '11 at 15:42
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  1. I suspect you're right that mobile users are more likely to make a typo while entering their password. However, I would still have them enter it once as they will likely enter their email correctly and can always reset the password.

    As for masking, most phones already address this issue by having a delay so that characters can be seen before they are masked. It's probably fine to show it as plain text to be certain they can review the entire password.

  2. Spam registrations are still an issue with mobile sign-up forms, so you probably will want to use CAPTCHA or something similar.

  3. I agree with Matt, if it's possible to put the legal text on another page and provide a link that's probably best. Just make sure they when they finish reading it (one person might do it) the form isn't cleared when they come back. You can use a standard "I Agree" checkbox, or incorporate it right into a large "I agree, sign me up" button to make sure there are no problems selecting it.

  4. As with any sign-up form, keep it short with only the essential information needed to create an account. Once they sign in you can ask for more information, just make sure it's easy to get in the door.

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