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I have an e-commerce platform, that will launch very soon.

One of the things that differentiates this platform from the competition is the built in content editor, that builds on top of the 960 Grid System to give the user a point and click solution to creating layouts, before adding content.

In other words, instead of having a single WYSIWYG editor for an entire page, you can add rows and columns first, and then add content to the specific columns. This should give the user more control.

But to get the look and feel right, design, images, CSS is also needed. And this is where designers should come in.

Users create a store online, and they should be able to get a unique look and feel to their store in an easy and fast way.

Currently I'm thinking of 99Designs and CrowdSpring. Is there a way I could use those services? Is there any service I could use to deliver the implementation of the designs?

The templates are created using the content editor inside the platform, which renders the HTML using the 960 Grid System. But the CSS still needs implementation - Maybe the only way to accomplish this is to provide the ability for designers/web developers to sign-up as a "partner" with us, and they can help the customers and get paid?

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I think you're establishing whats already been done in other areas like wordpress and even some of the 'newer' website template solutions that are out there, comes to mind. Magento has themes but from the looks of it - it seems like you're looking for something along the likeness of "".

You can mimic the model of wordpress themes and hope a theme ecosystem appears like "thesis" which is fueled by a strong reseller market. But i think your real promise is in developing a product with strong messaging towards [webdesigners to create themes] and [store owners who want customization at a lower cost].

You'd need to differentiate somehow all the while ensuring quality because as we all know, most themes and design from a crowd doesn't equate to it. You could techically set restrictions on the design by forcing a designer to design within the 960 "layout" the store owner has created - kind of like a wireframe.

good luck.

check out,

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