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I am working on simple web app site and we have "Contact sales" screen, where we have only a phone number and a small form (~5 fields). Does it make sense to use a popup for that screen instead of a separate page?

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You should use a page, not a popup(be it a modal or a new browser window).

Using a page makes the contact information more scaleable, you can add more to it later without having to worry about redoing the layout.

Another benefit using a page is that you can direct link to it. People can view the information AND explore the rest of your site.

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+1 for linkable. – Phil Jun 23 '11 at 18:23
I think it's possible to provide link to popup, we can pass parameter in URL, for example, and parse URL by js. so if we get param - execute some script – NickV Jun 23 '11 at 21:27

Typically I don't advocate for pop ups unless really necessary. However there are some exceptions. IF the button 'Contact Sales' appears as a persistent button, then it makes sense that you want to keep the user in the task flow or context they were in when they decided to 'Contact Sales'. So, if your user will access this button frequently, while performing a task then have them fill out the form in a pop up. That way then perform this sub-task in context of their workflow, but when done they can close the form (pop up) and not have to click back their point of origin or workflow context.

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Will your users ever want to revisit the values they entered in the form via browser navigation? If so, a pop-up breaks that. (You can mitigate that by returning a confirmation page that shows all the values they entered.)

Some users, and some browsers by default, block pop-ups, so at best you'd be making those users take special action for your site and at worst they'll conclude that your site is broken.

Do you (or does any other party) need to directly link to the form? If so, you wouldn't want to use a pop-up.

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This will depend upon the business flow a bit more than the actual aesthetics. If your user is required to continue using/ accessing relevant information on the same page, "pop-up" is the answer. If trying to "contact sales" is not bringing discontinuity to the business flow or overall experience, you can redirect to a separate page. Hope this helps.

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