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I need to do a remote card sort (with people on the other side of the Atlantic) and the setup I have had with clients here in real life has given them the opportunity to add cards themselves. This is due to the content being somewhat unspecified. So, I need to have a very similar approach for remote clients. I've found two card-sorting tools (WebSort and OptimalSort), but neither seem to have this functionality.

Does anyone know of a tool that has this function? Or, does anyone know of another approach solving my problem?

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If the participants in your study will only need to add a small number of cards (e.g. 2 or 3 extra cards for a card sort with 30 cards), you might try a workaround with placeholders. In that case you could add a few extra 'blank' cards to the set with their own unique identifiers (could be simple numbers), and instruct your participants to use them if needed and define their labels in the comments section (I know websort allows participants to leave comments during the sort, not sure about optimalsort).

So when your participants has finished sorting the prelabelled cards but thinks he misses an item, he can take a card 'BLANK CARD 1', sort it into the appropriate category, and leave a comment 'Blank card 1: item description'. Note that if you decide to do this, the standard analyses from the raw results won't be accurate (What 'Blank card 1' will be different for each participant), so you might need to do the analysis offline.

This won't work if you need to add more than just a few cards, because in that case it becomes too difficult to track what each card means.

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That is a great idea. Why didn't I think of that. :) I believe I need a maximum of 5 extra cards, and that can be covered in the comments-box (that optimalsort has as well). And I'll do analysis offline anyway. I have actually not tried the analysis supplied with these web tools. Thank you. – Martin Christensen Jun 16 '11 at 7:44

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