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This button is in the new Firefox, but what is the name of it?

Firefox combi-button

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This type of button is usually called a 'Split Button'.

The glossary of the Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines defines the term 'split button' as:

A bipartite command button that includes a small button with a downward pointing triangle on the rightmost portion of the main button. Users click the triangle to display variations of a command in a drop-down menu. See also: command button. [ ]

MSDN's Ribbon Framework Control Library defines a 'Split Button' as:

The Split Button is a composite control with which the user can select a default value bound to a primary button, or select from a list of mutually exclusive values displayed in a drop-down list bound to a secondary button. [ ]

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Jquery UI calls it a 'Split Button' -

Not a bad name, I would say.

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Aha - thanks Martin! – Tom Jun 3 '11 at 9:56

They've also been called Muttons -

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Sorry, I don't know the formal term for this type of button but in my team we tend to refer to it as a 'multi(call-to)-action button' ... I am certain there is a better name than that however!! It is used extensively in the Apple store also, so as a consequence I suspect will be seeing them ever increasingly in the future! ;)

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