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I'm currently redesigning my personal web site (you can find it here) and I want to link to my different iOS apps. I have currently two links for each of my apps : Website and AppStore.

But is the AppStore link is really necessary? We are making web sites for iOS apps to describe it in a better fashion then we can do on the AppStore itself. So why link to the AppStore.

I understand there will be people wanting to go to the AppStore directly, they will have 2 links to click. Is worth it?

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What about only app store? The App store page has a description, reviews, and the ability to download the app. Not to mention I have found this to be common practice.

If you really think the website for these is amazing and describes it much better, than go for it. But I think you will find users appreciate just getting to business and going to the apps store page.

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+1) My thoughts exactly. Why bother to "brag even more" if the user is ready to go for it... – Jørn E. Angeltveit May 16 '11 at 18:50
I get the point and I may do that (I'll look at the traffic of my current web site). The main problem I see here is that I get a lot of support request from my site (even with a built-in support module in my app). – gcamp May 16 '11 at 19:19
Note that Apple, themselves, encourage you to have a web page for your app. That, of course, is not a UX requirement, but rather an Apple requirement. – DA01 May 16 '11 at 19:49
Just accepted your answer, I've decided to don't make an app web site. On my AppStore page I will point to my personal web page and I special support page I'll make. – gcamp May 17 '11 at 1:36

You might also consider to create a clearer seperation between the two choices. On your current page, they look almost the same and the user must think twice before deciding what to do. Create a bigger main icont hat takes you to the web-site and a smaller and clearer "take me directly to appstore" ikon that people can use. If the user wants to try it out, they will look for the shortcut immedeatly.

Remember to have an clear appstore button an the web page as well. Users that clicks the first and best should also find the appstore button right away on the web page.

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Use a link to your site for it, and within that site have a link to the AppStore.

I think the way that you have done it on your site(not your link here, but on here is great. You have the description, which could easily overlap with what is offer on the AppStore link, but what is key here is your movie that shows the actual app in action, along with the little dot that simulates your finger moving through the application(very clever).

If they like what they see and want more, they click the AppStore icon. Without having this movie I would agree with Jon and say just go for the AppStore link, but the video you provided is very helpful.

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