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I am creating a screen that requires selection by an item and all/none items with latter buttons being in the toolbar at the bottom.

The problem is with accessibility labels. Quote from Apple docs on crafting accessibility labels:

Very briefly describes the element. Ideally, the label consists of a single word, such as Add, Play, Delete, Search, Favorites, or Volume.

Strive to design your application so that a single word identifies an element and makes its usage obvious in the current context. Sometimes, however, it might be necessary to use a brief phrase to properly identify an element. When this is the case, create a very short phrase, such as “Play music,” “Add name,” or “Add to event.”

However my "select all/none" requires at least 5 words explaining everything since list has two attributes that can be used in selection ("Select all by AttrA" and "Select all by AttrB").

Should I go with very short labels like "All by A" and "All by B" or leave the full sentence for the label?

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