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I have a car (tsx) and I realize that sometimes I will need to use the physical key instead of the electronic key fob to unlock my car. Such as if there is something wrong with the electronics or my battery died. But then I realize that on the passenger side of my car, there is no key hole for it!

I also rented a car (mazda 2) a while back and that car did not have an electronic key fob to unlock the door remotely. I went to open the door first for my wife, but then I realized that there is no lock hole on the passenger side! I had to unlock my driver side door first and then unlock hers from the inside.

Also, something has went wrong with the electronic trunk button inside my car, so i can only open my trunk using the key fob. Why isn't there a physical lock on my trunk too?

Why doesn't my car have a physical lock on the passenger side? Is it just because car manufacturers are being cheap?

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Are you prepared to pay $1,000 extra for keylocks on every door when you almost never use the key at all? – Emmet Jul 24 '14 at 17:55

Because there's so little value? The passenger doesn't have keys, so it's almost never useful. With keyless entry, even a keyhole is only valuable on the very rare instance that the remote entry has failed and you need to urgently get in, before you get the remote entry fixed.

Remember how before keyless entry, only the front two doors had keyholes, but the rear passenger doors didn't? It's the same thing, taken slightly further.

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I assume its only a matter of cost.

  • Physical locks are less often used.
  • In most cases, you don't need to squeeze into the driver's seat from the passenger's side (due to something blocking the driver's door).
  • The chance of your key's battery running out the same day the driver's door is blocked is pretty low.

Also, rentals may have lower specs than the standard (e.g. manual windows, less airbags).

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