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it's the first time for me approaching an intranet redesign and restyling. I came across many papers talking more in general about the major steps to take when redesigning o designing an intranet from scratch. I already gave a look to Nielsen-Norman articles on the web (free version).

I still lack specific material for benchmarking and I didn't manage to find free reports of course.

Do anyone here have some similar (and sharable) material to advice? Any other hint on how to do some benchmarking will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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Some of my resources on the topic:



I would say that the intranet sites present several challenges over internet web design. Often you may be asked to add elements that reflect desktop applications. My opinion is that your should add as many unobtrusive constraints as possible and then stand back. It's easy to get mired in constant updates and design changes.

As for best practices, in my experience, the best redesigns are those that really meet the needs of the people that have to use them everyday. Make sure you do your user interviews, task analysis, and observations. New and/or improved features will be a mark of success as well as the happy users.

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Inranets are much more complex as they represent the 'internal politics' of an organisation: expect to attend lots of meetings with heads of departments ! –  PhillipW May 8 '14 at 22:31

Martin White's list of intranet books and reports features 19 useful resources you might like to consider.

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