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What would "better" text for buttons that select all items in a checklist:

  • "Check All" / "Uncheck All"
  • "Select All" / "Unselect All"
  • or perhaps other text
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This might be one of those things that we can over think to death. In the end, might be best to pick one, get it out there, and just test it.

FWIW, I like something akin to this:

[ ] item
[ ] item
[ ] item
[ ] select all
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Thanks for your answer DA. > This might be one of those things that we can over think to death. Yeah, I know. – AndrewJacksonZA Oct 7 '10 at 6:54

I have designed dozens of interfaces with 'select all' and seen the interfaces pass with flying colors in usability tests.

Your example is fine.

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I really love the path that Gmail takes.

This way you avoid the verb (select, check, mark, etc.) and goes straight to the checkbox concept itself (all, none, etc.).

And, of course, repeat that structure at the top of the list.

Gmail checkbox

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Unfortunately, that's not applicable in my scenario. Thanks anyway. – AndrewJacksonZA Oct 7 '10 at 6:53

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