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In this concept, normal users see an option for "signing up as developer" then they would receive access to developer's options. the normal way I assume is like this:

enter image description here

But I think of some innovations. These two ways came in my mind:

1) After signing up as a developer via the link at the bottom of the user's normal account links (same as in the top image); Hereinafter user will see two big tab buttons to choose the desired section: enter image description here

2) From the first showing a link to developer's area beneath a page flipping effect where user could both sign up and use options (Or maybe put the sign up option for developing at the bottom of left links such as the first image, I don't know). enter image description here

Which one do you suggest and why? Do you know any better concept?


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Having in mind only aesthetic reasons for re-design, you hardly provide the best UX. Start from the question: What is the issue? –  Alexey Kolchenko Apr 8 at 7:26
@AlexeyKolchenko Actually, I want to know which one is better from UX view respectively and why is that (and if there's any good other idea). Also about "re-design" phrase you were used, I got inspired the first and base concept of a site so don't sure whether it's a standard base design for this kind of situation or not. Finally the aesthetic aspect is important to me but beside usability and user's convenience. Thanks –  DummyBeginner Apr 8 at 9:42

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I think the size of the UX changes should reflect their scope. If the developer option is something like "now you can change the background color!", then the "normal way" is totally fine, as it's not a big change.

  • Option 1 makes sense if the "Developer's area" is totally separate from "Profile options", and has a similarly scope for changes. This seems unlikely, though; since most users get the option to sign up as a developer, it's probably a per-user option, and those are all put under "Profile options". Renaming it to something like "User settings" might make the original scheme more palatable.

  • Option 2 depends on what kind of options are available. Personally, I think the turned-down-corner effect needs to go, as it's only useful for feature discovery, but detrimental for long-term usability (ignores context, making it intrusive and ever-present).

Coming up with better concepts depends on the content that you want to present with this. For example, if developer options are a rarely-used thing, where the developer has to dive in once in a while to fix a mess, I'd embed the options in each page that needs them, and color them bright neon so they don't leak into production code.

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I agree with number one. Number two makes me feel it's a one time thing. I mean you click on developer's area and you activate something. But in fact it depends on how often this section is used by user. If it's used less, maybe the first one (with no innovations) is more suitable.

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