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I am developing an app that consists of the CRUD operations. Lets say I want to create, read, update and delete clients. I have a page that lists all of the clients, page that shows a particular client and a page that is the form which you can update the clients.

My question is, as soon as we finish Updating the client form, where should we redirect the user to? I am thinking of 3 options:

  1. redirect back to the form itself with a save success message
  2. redirect to the 'show particular' client page, with a save success message.
  3. redirect to the list of clients with a save success message.

Not sure if I am thinking too much about this but I would like to hear other's thoughts.

Many thanks!

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Redirect to the client page.

That’s the place where the editors can verify that their edits were successful and as intended.

And, of course, show a link on the client page that leads to its edit page.

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