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Im designing a home insurance transactional journey (what the user sees after they select 'get a quote' from the product page).

Should my x4 page journey (enter details, get quote, buy quote, view policy) have a page footer or could this just distract users from the current journey of buying home insurance by bringing them outside this journey?

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What would this footer contain? Just a solid visual line, or links to things? Or textual information? A footer isn't just one type of thing; it could be anything. –  JonW Apr 3 at 9:43
I think at a minumum the footer would contain - contact details, social details, t&c's... –  Anon Apr 3 at 10:23

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I would imagine that after you get a quote you might want to have the option to link to other things. Not everyone will immediately continue to buy, and they might leave the site entirely if you don't provide links to other parts of your site at this point. If the goal is keeping the user, then saving their progress and allowing them to come back to it at a later point might be a better strategy than locking it down.

I would say that you should test a few different versions with some target users and see how they respond.

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With a product like insurance, where legalities, details, fine print, and frequently asked questions are commonplace, a footer with links to such things enhances the experience without distraction.

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How does it enhance the experience? –  JonW Apr 3 at 22:46

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