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Why google chrome does not provide a GoTo Link button like in IE, Firefox, etc.?

enter image description here

enter image description here

And if this is because of the simple & modern design concept than why does other browsers still have GoTo Button?

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Why should it? The only case you need it, is because you're typing the url in the address bar - and then you can use the enter key. – omeinusch Mar 21 '14 at 10:55
Then why are the other browsers still providing the GoTo Button? – Vivek Parekh Mar 21 '14 at 10:56
Kind of habit, I think. Because it was always there! But it's useless and you should remove unnecessary elements of your UI. :) – omeinusch Mar 21 '14 at 10:58
The Omnibox essentially keeps this functionality by making the first item in the suggestion box the thing that you've typed in. That item is clickable. – Joel Cornett Mar 21 '14 at 14:05
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Chrome used to have a "go button", which was removed in Google Chrome 6.0.437.1 (dev) - June 2010. You can read about some of the motivation on the issue tracker, although there isn't a lot of information available. It seemed to coincide with a revamp of their omnibox, and the combining of the reload and stop buttons into one button.

To quote from the issue tracker:

  • Reload becomes its own button again and combines with Stop. I will not stab anyone if this is done the way it's combined with Go now. (i.e. using logic so it doesn't change state if the mouse is over it).
  • We kill the go button.
  • The omnibox gets rounded rect edges matching the shape of adjacent buttons on either end.

Subsequently, someone logged a "bug" to bring the "go button" back. The removal seemed to have upset users. The official response by the person involved with UI decisions was:

Paste and go is a context-menu option for the address bar. We don't intend to re-introduce a "Go" button.

The issue was closed with a status of "Won't fix".

I did notice that someone developed an extension to reintroduce the "go button" shortly after it was removed, but I'm not sure if that extension is compatible with newer versions of Chrome.

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The above answers were not useful. Sometime we dont have the keyboard handy. (Have people not heard of wireless keyboards I wonder :)

This is what did the trick for me. If anyone lands on this page because they were using just the mouse to browse and the the cat was sleeping on the BT/Wireless keyboard

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I was about to ditch chrome out of frustration when I came across this post, hope it helps others – killjoy May 26 at 22:08
"Paste and go" is a completely separate function to what the OP was asking about. – Overmorrow May 27 at 0:09
I agree, but I came upon this page because of the same symptom. While OP didn't state why the GO button was needed, which the first comment reflects, I am stating the reason it is needed. I agree it is not an answer, but I cannot paste an image in a comment I think, or dont have enough rep or whatever is needed to comment on other's posts lol. – killjoy May 28 at 15:36

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