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I am doing an E-commerce site like Ebay but for clothing industry and I want a way that users can manage colours and sizes.

Sizes should be based on quantity.

Based on this what,s the best way to show it on front-end. enter image description here

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What's wrong with what you currently have suggested? –  JonW Mar 17 at 16:14
Nothing wrong but maybe what I have done is logically wrong so I am looking forward for other peoples suggestions on this regard. –  user45042 Mar 17 at 16:21
You might find good information here : ux.stackexchange.com/questions/52835/best-product-page-layout –  Jybz Mar 17 at 16:32
The example isn't good enough because sometimes there maybe more than 4 sizes and more than 3 colours and its going to look really cluttered with that example look. –  user45042 Mar 17 at 16:50
I like the design but contrast is really low. Please check it against a contrast checker to see if it follows wcag guidelines –  Mervin Johnsingh Mar 17 at 18:11

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Avoid drop downs if you can. See JohnLewis.com for a good solution to showing sizes and their availability.

For touch devices the use of + - as buttons can be effective.

enter image description here

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Have you got a screenshot of the johnlewis idea to save everyone having to head over there and hunt around for how they do it? (Plus they may not do it that way forever, so a screenshot will capture what you refer to as-of today). –  JonW Mar 18 at 12:30
Thanks to @JDelossantos for adding the screen shot. I'll try to be less lazy next time. –  Stewart Dean Mar 20 at 10:01

Being experience eCommerce ux designer - I would like to recommend to throw some different kind of ui patterns to users to understand their feedback. Here is the patterns list; http://ui-patterns.com/patterns/ProductPage

Btw - I like your design but just make sure that labels should be prominent by improving the contrast.

my suggestions; Color - Either button or dropdown, Size - Dropdown, Qty - textbox

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Great article. By the way my only problem is how users are going to manage this from back-end. For example say the site is managed by the users like on Ebay. clip2net.com/s/72ChbK. This is what i thought of. –  user45042 Mar 18 at 19:41

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