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YouTube Mobile has a great feature that allows a user to dock the video they are watching to the lower right hand corner of the screen.

The issue I have with this experience is you are forced to dock the video instead of returning to the previous screen.

Shouldn't a user have the option to dock the video or go back to the previous screen instead of docking the video being the only way to get to the prior screen?

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Since this is the case on a mobile app, and not the mobile web - the developr team have a bit more freedom to explore new ground. It's a bald try, and they're probably awaiting the reactions from their users. My reaction is going in two opposite directions. One the one hand - users don't recognize the pattern and need to try navigating. This cause cognitive load. On the other hand, you don't have to use navigation buttons leaving all the screen for watching video. So I can't decide wheater it's good or bad. Let's wait for reactions from other users...

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I like to say I love this feature. It allows me to search for other videos while still watching the first. It does however lack the ability to simply go back. I used to have an HTC android phone where I could click the back button on the phone itself, but on iPhone I'm not able. –  Paul Mar 13 at 9:31
That is a good point, about the Back Button on Android phones. I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube kept that in mind when designing this application. Since all Android devices have a standard back button where iOS devices do not. –  Xtian Mar 13 at 14:15
What's frustrating about this new interface is that going back always forces you to dock the video. If there's a way to go back without docking, it's not explicit (since I haven't found it). These small things makes navigation a bit frustrating. –  theGreenCabbage Mar 13 at 16:53
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