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Why is AMBULANCE sometimes mirror written on emergency vehicles ?

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Well, not exactly. The letters are mirrored so that people looking in the back mirror can read AMBULANCE. –  Candide Feb 18 at 7:45
I read somewhere that astronauts have the labels on their space suits written backwards, because they have to use a mirror to read them. –  Brendon Feb 18 at 8:41
Downvoting this because we expect you do at least have done some research into your problem before asking it here, and you clearly haven't. The internet is littered with this same question, yet another post about it on the web is unnecessary. –  JonW Feb 18 at 8:52
Also downvoting. Beginning to type the question in Google, it already suggests the appropriate query: imgur.com/0aSKEXl –  jgthms Feb 18 at 8:55
@Brendon What could possibly be written on the outside of a space suite that's meant to be read by the astronaut occupying the suit? :) And if it's meant for your typical engilsh-reading alien (like "if found, return to NASA, Earth"), then it should be written properly. –  Vitaly Mijiritsky Feb 18 at 14:23

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To make AMBULANCE easier read for vehicles in front of the ambulance. Ambulance are typically in greater speed than surrounding vehicles which make the ambulance front visible in other cars rear view mirror. At least those cars that need to get away to give room for the ambulance passing through traffic.

The most common modern usage of mirror writing can be found on the front of ambulances, where the word "AMBULANCE" is often written in very large mirrored text, so that drivers see the word the right way around in their rear-view mirror.

Reference: Mirror writing

Ambulance view in mirror of car

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...and we have a candidate for the Reversal-badge ;-) –  Jørn E. Angeltveit Feb 18 at 9:57
@JørnE.Angeltveit In more than one way. :-) –  Quincunx Feb 23 at 19:18

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