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A lot of e-commerce sites offer users a Quick View or Quick Look feature on their product listing page:

enter image description here

I've seen a few sites where they offer user the ability to click to the next/previous SKU from Quick View:

enter image description here

Is this Quick View with nav feature really useful to shoppers or is it just a gimmick that most shopper have no use for?

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I think Quickview as an independent function is a necessary evil in that it loads faster than a product detail page. As a necessary step in a purchase pathway, it holds less value, likewise in all ideal cases, the product detail would carry its full weight in converting a transaction.

Your true question of whether next/previous is useful or a gimmick - it's definitely not a gimmick as it inherently doesn't add value to a site. However, if a quick-view is involved choosing the next product or previous isn't bad as a browsing experience - the possible issue would occur after closing the modal and indicating which product has been perused/browsed and which ones haven't.

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Quickview is absolutely useful. It can be implemented badly (like anything else), and in fact, your samples are not exactly best-of-breed.

A well-designed QV benefits both merchant and shopper:

  • Faster loads: Much of the information can be preloaded in the background. Or loaded via AJAX, rather than using a full round-trip.

  • Smoother UX: Hitting the back button is a much more expensive interaction than closing a modal pane. Personally, I loathe the full page-load round-trip, and often doubt that the back button will bring me back to exactly where I was.

  • Discounts: some manufacturers don’t allow merchants to display discounted prices until you add the item to your cart. These rules don’t usually apply to the quick-view pane, so a merchant can show the actual price, rather than an apology that they can’t show it.

When done properly, they should make the shopping experience smoother and faster, which can only lead to higher conversion rates.

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Hi jbx, thanks for the answer but I'm not asking about the Quickview itself, I'm asking about the navigation feature added to the quickview. –  Chairman Meow Feb 15 at 19:13

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