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I want to display my responsive design using the following aproaches :-


i.e displaying them in a 3D wayy on a phone or just the screen.

I am using Adobe Illustrator and have tried Extrude and Bevel but it still does not come up so clearly - I guess it does not scale properly. Haven't found any good tutorial to help me out with.

Is there any other way to achieve this. Please help

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This isn't a User Experience question. If you want advice on how to use Illustrator then you're better off looking for some specific Adobe Illustrator forums. – JonW Feb 9 '14 at 18:58
This is a graphic design question, at best. It's also not entirely clear what you are after...the sample photos really have nothing to do with extrude and bevel effects. – DA01 Feb 9 '14 at 20:56
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You can use a several methods.

For your first display you need to: 1. Group your demo 2. Rotate it for 30 degrees. 3. Object > transform > Shear. Shear:135 degrees Angle:205 degrees 5. Click on the preview check box to see if it fits for you. press Ok 6. Effects> stylize> Drop shadow: change only the Y offset to 44 px 7. Duplicate the effects on the other layers.

For the i-phone display: 1. Take your i-phone photo. 2. Import your view to the same file. 3. Use the same steps in the previous tutorial: 1,2,3 and use the preview mode to feet it properly.

and that all.

also you can search for "i-phone mock-ups" its integrate well with the actions in photoshop

Good Luck, Gal

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