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I'm currently working on the UI wireframing for a taxi booking and sharing app.

When a user requests a seat in a taxi you've booked, then you receive a notification.

Prior to making a decision of accepting or rejecting a request, you get to see the implications that it has on your existing journey. Now I am having difficulty showing this in the app. In the instance above, I've simply highlighted the changes in a different colour. The things that change include your journey details change, price, journey time and distance. Secondly if you had 4 seats available in your taxi, it gets reduced to 3.

Would there be a better way of showing a before/after snapshot (i.e. what the journey looks like now and what it would look like afterwards)?

I was advised to use stock tickers, and a combination of color and icons to represent the change, but how would this look like with my current interface?

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You could try to accent changes more precisely, as they are decision points, and display the old data, as decision could be based on comparison.
enter image description here

To focus user on changing lines, you could visualize it with side marks. It's like tracking changes in code editors:
enter image description here

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