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The actual question can be 'Is there any?'

Standard software development process have many standard; mutually agreed and proven estimation techniques. Few of them I have listed below:

  1. Use Case Point
  2. Story Point
  3. Functional Point
  4. Complexity Point
  5. Regression Model

Do these estimation techniques include efforts for UX/UI also? If not, in what way we can make use of these techniques to estimate project from UX point of view? Appreciate information, reports, references, case studies on these points.

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What are you interesting in estimated? I'm not familiar with the terminology of estimating a 'project' -- do you mean to regress potential profit or are you looking to construct a estimate of "usability score"? –  Brendon Jan 31 '14 at 8:01
Here, I am referring to total efforts required to complete given UX project (even if its a freelance work). I am not expecting resourcing (How many designers will work parallely to complete the project within clients expected time) and even not looking for profit (which comes in later part and differs from company to company and person to person depending on their strategy to grow further). So in simple words, if I am a small team of freelance UX designers, and if my client provides me requirements, how can I estimate, how much time I will require to give them UX solution (Design)? –  Spicerjet Jan 31 '14 at 8:56

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