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How should I display "Cancel" and "Done" buttons in an Android app, or should I even display a "Cancel" button in the first place since the hardware back button (or the action bar's up-navigation) should suffice?

The screenshot below shows how it is done in the Contacts app ... Cancel and Done buttons in the Contacts app

... but I am wondering if this is "the way to go", because this way the buttons take a lot of screen space for no reason. On iPhone you have a small "Done" button on the top right (inside the navigation bar / action bar). I prefer to do the same for this Android app, but I don't want to do anything that users don't expect.

So, any advice for me to consider?

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You could use what the stock Contacts app uses...


It makes sense to demote the cancel option as I'd be worried about accidental taps. An issue with your current design is that a single errant finger during typing could scuttle the Activity.

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