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I'm wondering: if there were to be a button (such as a "detail disclosure" button Detail disclosure button ) directly to the left of the A-Z navigation/slider, how much space would need to be between the two? In other words, what is the recommended touch target of the A-Z slider?

Also: what does Apple call this A-Z slider? It doesn't seem to be addressed in their documentation.

from Apple's iOS7 UI guidelines

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Regarding your second question, the UITableView can have an Index which can be added by implementing the sectionIndexTitlesForTableView and sectionForSectionIndexTitle methods – Charles Wesley Dec 9 '13 at 21:42
  1. I'm pretty sure iOS takes care of the spacing for you. So you need not worry about it, unless you want to mimic this behavior with a custom control. If that is the case, then Apple recommends minimum touchable area for a button to be 44x44 pixels

  2. The A-Z slider is called an index, which shows up in an indexed list. See Figure 1-2 here. Although you could more informally call it an "index bar" or "section index bar"

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