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I am looking for a solution to display a multi-select option. Currently, we have a drop-down menu, but that is not very intuitive if user has to make multiple selections.

Any suggestions on how to convert this drop-down to a mechanism that supports multi selections, while taking into consideration space limitations. The menu bars I am looking to change are "Filter by Department" and "Filter by Discipline".

enter image description here

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Have you seen Chosen by the folks who made Harvest Time Tracking? There's a great multiselect tool, with keyboard support.

In terms of space, if your design is responsive (is that your intention?), you'll run out of horizontal space.

Chose will allow you to stack your choices vertically, so you'll lose some vertical space, depending on how many departments or disciplines a user chooses. It's still a win. See below screenshot from Chosen's description:

enter image description here

Without knowing your business requirements or case studies, I would give this a shot from the info you've given us.

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this is actually great. thank you – ah123 Dec 3 '13 at 20:40

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