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I am in the midst of creating an app for android. I would like to implement instagram's UI into my app ? How should I do it ?

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this is way too vague and also seems to be partly about implementation. we need to know a lot more about what you are developing and have something specific to answer. It looks like you will have many questions, some of which will already be answered, I'd recommend developing your app and returning when specific UX problems arise where you can give good context –  ColinSharpe Nov 30 '13 at 11:10
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You say you wanna implement instagram's UI into your app, but first a few questions.

What does your android app do? Is it a photo/ video app like Instagram? If so then why are you replicating instagram?

Users don't like to shift from what they are comfortable using, so if you wanna build a replica and make them use that, then you'll have a tough time. If it is not a photo/video app then what is it? And what are some of the elements of Instagram that you consider are common and could be used as functionality for your app? Either way, I would say be clear about your idea and then find inspiration from other apps. Making a replica for practice purposes is okay but if it not then you're basically wasting your time.

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