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Hi I'm working on an app that involves talents showing off their skills and what not, and users can endorse/ support them to get a chance to win a grand prize.

My problem is with using a heart icon, which generally represents favorite more than anything else. Also using a thumbs up generally represents that you like something.

Imagine backing someone on kickstarter, same idea. I thought of a fist or a fist bump...

Any thoughts suggestions as to what symbolism could be used for this?


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  • "Questions requesting Icon Suggestions are off topic. While the subject of icons is on topic, there's very little value in soliciting suggestions for a specific icon in a specific context. See this meta post for more information about this topic." – greenforest, Graham Herrli, ChrisF, Danny Varod, DA01
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Given that the thumbs up symbol is so widely used now, it may be the most user friendly option to stick with. Another icon that might work for showing support would be one showing a coin going in a cup.

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Coin going in a cup would be symbol of charity or support but not endorsement and approval. – Salman Ali Nov 10 '13 at 22:04
A coin going in a cup would imply general support, but it also would imply endorsement. Kickstarter was referenced in the question as a similar model, where one endorses projects with money. Regardless, I think using the thumbs up icon would be more understandable to the average user. – ChrisK Nov 10 '13 at 23:16

If the support is via donations, then perhaps a "money donation" icon e.g. first search result.

Edit: For support in a competition by voting, a voting booth seems natural.

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No it's not that kind of support. It's support or backing them in the sense that you like what they do, and want them to reach the finals and win the competition. – The Waldorf Nov 10 '13 at 11:30
Then, from your description, the thumbs up is suitable. However, there may be a more suitable one - see edit. – Danny Varod Nov 10 '13 at 11:41

I was faced with a similar decision on a project I am working on. I want users to "appreciate" posts by other users. I mulled over what icon worked (thumbs up was the #1 choice but it's now "loaded" by facebook.)

After much thought, I went with text. It's a fine choice if space or choice count is not an issue. Plus, there is no doubt what the meaning is.

Attached is my sample and note this very site uses text actions to good effect. enter image description here

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