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I'm using Mobile-D which is a substance of Agile methodology. I've been asked to prepare the user stories.

So in case you are familiar with Mobile-D, please tell me in which phase I must add the user stories and if you are not familiar with Mobile-D, just tell me the suitable place for it in Agile SDLC.

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Not familiar with Mobile-D, my expertise is more within the Scrum methodology.

I think one thing to be aware of is that, being agile, user stories are not completed in a particular phase. They should be living and iterated upon as the organization learns more about the problem area as the project progresses. And based on that, I think the user stories should be started as soon as possible, but kept alive, refined and iterated throughout the project.

If you have a certain phase where you complete the user stories, and after that they cannot be improved, you're not being that agile tbh

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