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Is there any research into which and why people prefer filling contact forms/writing e-mail to calling by phone?

I want to check my hypothesis that wealth people over 30 y.o. prefer phone call over any contact form

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Where did you get that people prefer filling in forms rather than talking to a person about their issue from? Just curios. – AndroidHustle Sep 24 '13 at 11:41
I didn't get anything. I'm looking for any data connected with the topic – Oleg Sep 24 '13 at 11:44
Oh, ok. It looks in the OP that you're initially stating that people (as a group) would prefer filling in contact forms/writing e-mails rather than calling. I'd rephrase it as "Is there any research done on whether certain groups of people prefer..." – AndroidHustle Sep 24 '13 at 11:48

Income distribution

This first used contact method table looks like some good research based off the Government Contact Center Satisfaction Index - which I think is referring to this:

First used other contact method besides phone to reach government agency

Income    Yes  No
>$100k    45%  55%
$50-100k  35%  65%
$25-50k   34%  66%
<$25k     38%  62%

Indicating likelihood of calling goes down with more income - against your hypothesis.

Age distribution

This blog post looks at the breakdown of contact for age ranges:

enter image description here

Which implies that the major shift (increase from 24% call to 35% call) comes around age 45 not 30.

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I don't know about who and why prefer filling contact forms or calling, I guess it depends of the context (as well as the user). Ex. For ordering a pizza you would use the phone (faster) and for a suggestion/feedback maybe the contact form.

I both cases, I would say that mobile user prefer calling than start filling a contact form from the mobile device. In case of the desktop, writing is more friendly.

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