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I am building an internal blog for our company to use. In my wireframe I placed the button at the bottom to make it out of the way for people that already have an account.

But prominent enough where a new user knows what to do if they need an account.

login wireframe

The current plan I have right now is to have that section expand down to reveal a form where they can enter their information. So is this a good plan?

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Login page design is basically a solved problem at this point.

The three different approaches that I see:

  1. Login primary action with tabs to get to the sign-up secondary action
  2. Login primary action with a link below the form to get to the sign-up secondary action
  3. Side-by-side sign-up and log in

Your approach looks more like (2), except that the request account (sign-up) is a button instead of a link. It should be a link because the sign-up is not the main call to action here. It's bigger and green and could cause people to mistakenly click on it as a submit button.

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Ok great point about the button color and size. – JGallardo Sep 20 '13 at 20:56

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